Previous Show Archives- Show #3 10/18/2008

Show #3.  Well here it is. I was able to locate this recording on my hard drive.  This is a rough recording; as I mentioned in a previous post- this was before I had purchased my Tascam DR-1.  The sound on this recording, while it may be a bit rough, does show where I was interested in taking the show.  Keep in mind that, I am running the board, CD and Record Players, and Voice tracking on this.  I was still a bit shaky from a calming the nerves down standpoint.  Eventually the show evolved, and the sound gets better.  With the recording of this show, I had to do a bit of some cleaning up of the EQ.  The recording is listenable, but rough.

Show #3 Playlist
Hour 1
*Audience- House on the Hill
*Genesis- Watcher of the Skies
*Pink Floyd- Welcome to the Machine
*King Crimson- 21st Century Schizoid Man (Live 11/21/69)
Yes- Future Times/Rejoice
City Boy- Hap Di Do Kid
Babe Ruth- Wells Fargo
Quintessance- Twilight Zones

Hour 2
Walter Carlos- Sinfonia to Cantata, No. 29
Goblin- Black Forest
The Flock- Clown
Mahavishnu Orchestra- You Know
Bill Bruford- Hells Bells
Caravan- Aristocracy
Van Der Graff Generator- Wondering
Pavlov’s Dog- Late November
Chase- So Many People
George Carlin- Baseball vs. Football


Original Airdate:  10/18/2008

Show #3, Hour 1

Show #3, Hour 2

Previous Show Archives- Show #2 10/11/2008

Show #2.  This show was still with some butterflies in the stomach… and a bit shorter on the music, as it took place during our Pledge Drive, when I was with ClassX Radio.  I was not able to find this show on my hard drives, but I do have the playlist from this program as well.

Show #2 Playlist
*Kansas- Song For America
*King Crimson- Lark’s Tongue in Aspic
*Marillion- Script for a Jester’s Tear
*Traffic- Dear Mr. Fantasy
Queen- Spread Your Wings
Styx- Mother Dear
Vanilla Fudge- Keep Me Hanging On
Camel- Freefall
The Moody Blues- Tuesday Afternoon
The Strawbs- Benedictus
*Led Zeppelin- Carouselambra


Original Airdate: 10/11/2008

Previous Show Archives- Show #1 09/27/2008

Well, here it is… Show #1.  Although I have searched my hard drives and my files,  I only have the playlist from my first show.  When I started the program, I didn’t have a decent recorder to use to record my programs.  I eventually purchased a Tascam DR-1 to record all of my shows and that has been my standard piece of equipment to record all of my programs since October 2008.

Butterflies doing this first show.  This show was the first time I had been behind a mic in 11 years.

Here is the Playlist from Show #1.
I remembered doing a birthday tribute to Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music, as well as a song tribute to Richard Wright of Pink Floyd.

Show #1 Playlist
*Roxy Music- Sea Breezes
+Pink Floyd- Time
King Crimson- Red
Jethro Tull- Cross Eyed Mary
Uriah Heep- July Morning
Wishbone Ash- Queen of Torture
Rare Bird- Sympathy
Rush- YYZ
The Who- Eminence Front
Brand X- Smacks of Euphoric Hysteria
Yes- Roundabout
Max Webster- Look Out
Brian Eno- M386
Supertramp- Bloody Well Right
Traffic- Feelin’ Alright
Soft Machine- Kings and Queens
Al Di Meola- Flight over Rio
Family- Peace of Mind
ELP- Hoedown

*Birthday Tribute
+Tribute to the Passing of Richard Wright

Original Airdate: 09/27/2008

Previous Show Archives- History of the Show

Here in the Previous Show Archives section will be some general history on the show.  To break it down…. the show is now in it’s Third Generation of airing.  I will describe what I mean.  Overall, we have done 320+ shows (as of July 9, 2016).  The shows break down in the following format:

First Generation of the show- aired on WOBO, 88.7 FM Cincinnati
Aired from roughly March 1996 – Summer 1997
In this First Generation of the Show, the program was a full on radio program that was specific to the music of Genesis.

Second Generation of the show- aired on WMWX, 88.9 FM Cincinnati
Aired from September 2008 – April 2016
In this Second Generation of the Show, the Program changed over to full on radio program specific to all forms of Progressive Rock.

Third Generation of the show- aired on WDTZ, 98.1 FM Cincinnati
Aired from June 2016 – Present
In this Third Generation of the Show, the Program continues to air a full radio program specific to all forms of Progressive Rock.

With the previous shows- I will be adding these as time permits and I can get them uploaded in a timely fashion.  All of the shows that aired in 1996/1997 are still in tape format and will be digitized over the coming months; so I will keep you updated on the status of these as this project moves forward.

In Prog Rock,
-Bryan B.

Welcome to the Official Blog of The Aisle of Plenty

Hello and welcome to the Official Blog of the Progressive Rock radio show, The Aisle of Plenty.

The show can be heard on Saturday Nights, on Z98 in Cincinnati, Ohio from 9PM-11PM Eastern.  Here is the station’s official website:

I am the creator, show producer, and host for the show.  Over the next couple of weeks- I will be posting some cool things about the show.  I have been working on getting all 300+ shows ready to be uploaded here so that you can listen to past shows.  Each show will be divided into each respective hour, so you can listen to shows at your leisure, or whenever you like… but the newest shows will air live on Saturday evenings on Z98, between 9PM-11PM Eastern.

I also have a Facebook page located at Aisle Plenty… where you can see previous playlists and show insights.  In the coming weeks I will also work on posting some of my own personal reviews of some of the classic Progressive Rock albums.  There are so many great sets of music out there.

Just to give you a bit of background on me- I have been a huge all era fan of Genesis for well over 35+ years; and that has extended to other Prog Rock bands as well.  I will periodically post reviews of some of the best Prog Rock albums from the 70s, as well as maybe some of them from the 80s and 90s… we will see where this goes.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and keep an eye on this blog- there will be some cool things posted in the coming weeks!

In Prog Rock,
-Bryan B.