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Show #3.  Well here it is. I was able to locate this recording on my hard drive.  This is a rough recording; as I mentioned in a previous post- this was before I had purchased my Tascam DR-1.  The sound on this recording, while it may be a bit rough, does show where I was interested in taking the show.  Keep in mind that, I am running the board, CD and Record Players, and Voice tracking on this.  I was still a bit shaky from a calming the nerves down standpoint.  Eventually the show evolved, and the sound gets better.  With the recording of this show, I had to do a bit of some cleaning up of the EQ.  The recording is listenable, but rough.

Show #3 Playlist
Hour 1
*Audience- House on the Hill
*Genesis- Watcher of the Skies
*Pink Floyd- Welcome to the Machine
*King Crimson- 21st Century Schizoid Man (Live 11/21/69)
Yes- Future Times/Rejoice
City Boy- Hap Di Do Kid
Babe Ruth- Wells Fargo
Quintessance- Twilight Zones

Hour 2
Walter Carlos- Sinfonia to Cantata, No. 29
Goblin- Black Forest
The Flock- Clown
Mahavishnu Orchestra- You Know
Bill Bruford- Hells Bells
Caravan- Aristocracy
Van Der Graff Generator- Wondering
Pavlov’s Dog- Late November
Chase- So Many People
George Carlin- Baseball vs. Football


Original Airdate:  10/18/2008

Show #3, Hour 1

Show #3, Hour 2

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