Show #329- 07/30/2016

Hello Radioland!

Here is another show upload for your Friday Evening.  I may get into a groove of posting the previous week’s show  on Wednesdays and then another previous show on Fridays.  That way, everyone is Prog Rocking right up to the weekend as a new show airs.

So here is another show for the Previous Show Archives.  Show #329, the end of the month show for July 2016.

Some interesting notes behind this show:
You will note there is no THX/Sirius/Six Million Dollar Man intro.  This was a mistake on my part, as I was prepping for the show, and when it became showtime, I started the wrong CD Deck for the beginning of the show, hence why the program starts right in with Supertramp’s Bloody Well Right.  That’s the nature of live radio.  This show was also a Birthday Tribute to Geddy Lee of Rush, and a Passing Tribute to the loss of Roye Albrighton- who was a fundamental player in the band Nektar.

Here is the playlist:

Show #329
Hour 1
Supertramp- Bloody Well Right
Max Webster- Battlescar
Pink Floyd- High Hopes
*Rush- Dreamline
Van Der Graff Generator- Theme One
Traffic- Hidden Treasure
+Nektar- Desolation Valley/Waves
Barclay James Harvest- Poor Man’s Moody Blues
Show #329
Hour 2
Al Stewart- Time Passages
Genesis- Abacab
Alan Parsons Project- One More River
Ian Anderson- Skating away on the thin ice of the new day
Kansas- Carry on Wayward Son
David Gilmour- You know I’m right
Manfred Mann- The Road to Babylon
Goblin- Aquaman
*Birthday Tribute to Geddy Lee
+Tribute to Roye Albrighton

Show #329, Hour 1


Show #329, Hour 2

Show #329
Original Airdate: 07/30/2016
WDTZ-LP, 98.1 FM, Cincinnati, Ohio

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