Show #328- 07/23/2016

Hello Radioland and the Online Universe!

Well it is Friday Night!  Here as I promised- I have another previous show for your listening enjoyment.  This show is Show #328 from July 23, 2016.  Some good stuff in this show- ranging from Italian Progressive Rock (PFM) to a surprise Vinyl tracking from Wings and some classic 1982 Live Genesis from the Three Sides Live set… to some smoking work from the likes of Billy Cobham, and solo work from Richard Wright of Pink Floyd.

I think you will enjoy this show.  I did note, there is a bit of an annoying “Digital Scratch” through this recording… which isn’t really noticeable unless you really listen for it… sometimes you don’t hear things like this until you listen back to them.  Another thing that is interesting to note as a part of live radio- listen for the record skip in Wings “Getting Closer”… skipping Vinyl is something you don’t have control over, but that is the nature of live radio!  One of my favorite parts in this show was the beginning of the Second Hour; with the lead off track of Billy Cobham’s Crosswinds (1974) and then going into Happy the Man’s Steaming Pipes (1977)…just smoking!

Overall- a light and fun show, in this one.  I hope you will enjoy!

Show #328

Hour 1
PFM- Out on the Roundabout
Wings- Reception/Getting Closer
Genesis- In the Cage/Cinema Show/Colony of Slippermen/Afterglow (Three Sides Live Version)
Camel- Chord Change
King Crimson- Cat Food
Daryl Stuermer- Breaking Point
Supertramp- Gone Hollywood

Hour 2
Billy Cobham- Crosswinds
Happy the Man- Steaming Pipes
Gentle Giant- Just the Same
Atomic Rooster- Breathless
Crack the Sky- Ice
Richard Wright- Summer Elegy
Queen- Tie your Mother Down
Steve Hackett- Emerald and Ash
Jan Hammer- Crockett’s Theme
Caravan- Ride

Show #328, Hour 1

Show #328, Hour 2

Original Airdate: 07/23/2016
Cincinnati, Ohio

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