Show #332 08/20/2016

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It is Wednesday Night!  You should know what that means!  Now is the time for another Encore Presentation of The Aisle of Plenty.  Tonight’s show is from last weekend, Show #332 from 08/20/2016.

This was an overall fun show.  Some really great music in this program!  There is some old pre-cursor Prog from the likes of The Animals to some lost UK Prog from Lindisfarne- which was one of the early bands with Genesis originally signed to the Charisma label in the early 1970s.  There is also some great Moog Synth work from Walter Carlos (Wendy Carlos)- as we take a listen to some Monteverdi from The Well Temepered Synthesizer, the follow up to the Grammy award winning Switched on Bach (1968).  There is some Genesis (the original long version of It’s Gonna Get Better from the Mama 12 Inch Vinyl release), as well as some long lost music from the UK Band- Budgie.  Cherry Five, which was an Italian Prog band (and the precursor to Goblin)- finishes out Hour 1.

In Hour 2- we travel with some music from Crack the Sky to Phil Collins side Prog Jazz group- Brand X, and some rarely heard Automat from 1978 from Italy.  As a side note on Automat- this was an Italian Prog music experiment between two Italian Musicians, where all of the music was performed on the MCS70 Synthesizer- of which there was only ONE of them ever built.  We also take a trip back to some EARLY school music from the likes of Journey- BEFORE the Steve Perry years of Corporate Arena Rock radio.  “Of a Lifetime” is a great track from the first Journey album released in 1975.  There are some great tracks too- from the likes of Rush, Gentle Giant, and closing out the show with some newer style Prog from Pendragon.

Show #332

Hour 1
The Animals- We Gotta Get Out of Here
Lindisfarne- Lady Eleanor
Walter Carlos- Monteverdi 1610 Vespers
Genesis- It’s Gonna Get Better (Long Version)
Al Di Meola- Passion Fire Grace
Budgie- Love for You and Me
Yes- Going for the One
Jethro Tull- One Brown Mouse
Cherry Five- The Picture of Dorian Gray

Hour 2
Crack the Sky- Safety in Numbers
Brand X- Soho
Automat- Ultraviolet
Journey- Of a Lifetime
-The A Team-
Greenslade- Time to Dream
Gentle Giant- Playing the Game
Rush- Fly By Night
Pendragon- Shane

Show #332, Hour 1

Show #332, Hour 2

Original Airdate: 08/20/2016
WDTZ-LP, 98.1 FM
Cincinnati, Ohio

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