Show #327 07/16/2016

Hello Radioland and the Online Universe!!

It is Friday Night.  I know it’s late and some of you who follow the blog may read this early Saturday morning.  That is OK.  Here in the Previous show archive- it’s all about the history…

Speaking of history- in this show there is a whole mix of stuff that I pulled out for this one.  Everything from some lesser heard music from Audience, to Tangerine Dream, to some lost music from the likes of SeaTrain.  This show is a very nice collection of variation- the best way to describe this all.  I hope you will enjoy!

Show #327 07/16/2016
Hour 1
King Crimson- The Sheltering Sky
Wishbone Ash- Time Was
Audience- House on the Hill
Pink Floyd- Welcome to the Machine
Tangerine Dream- Pilots of Purple Twilight
Kansas- Point of Know Return
Seatrain- 13 Questions
Hatfield and the North- Halfway between Heaven and Earth

Hour 2
Phil Collins- Inside Out
4Front- Gravity
Renaissance- Mother Russia
Yes- Survival
Bruford- Age of Information
Robert Fripp- North Star
Jimmy Herring- Lockwood Folley
David Bowie- Space Oddity

Hour 1

Hour 2

Original Airdate:  07/16/2016
WDTZ-LP, 98.1 FM
Cincinnati, Ohio

Show #332 08/20/2016

Hello Radioland and the Online Universe!!

It is Wednesday Night!  You should know what that means!  Now is the time for another Encore Presentation of The Aisle of Plenty.  Tonight’s show is from last weekend, Show #332 from 08/20/2016.

This was an overall fun show.  Some really great music in this program!  There is some old pre-cursor Prog from the likes of The Animals to some lost UK Prog from Lindisfarne- which was one of the early bands with Genesis originally signed to the Charisma label in the early 1970s.  There is also some great Moog Synth work from Walter Carlos (Wendy Carlos)- as we take a listen to some Monteverdi from The Well Temepered Synthesizer, the follow up to the Grammy award winning Switched on Bach (1968).  There is some Genesis (the original long version of It’s Gonna Get Better from the Mama 12 Inch Vinyl release), as well as some long lost music from the UK Band- Budgie.  Cherry Five, which was an Italian Prog band (and the precursor to Goblin)- finishes out Hour 1.

In Hour 2- we travel with some music from Crack the Sky to Phil Collins side Prog Jazz group- Brand X, and some rarely heard Automat from 1978 from Italy.  As a side note on Automat- this was an Italian Prog music experiment between two Italian Musicians, where all of the music was performed on the MCS70 Synthesizer- of which there was only ONE of them ever built.  We also take a trip back to some EARLY school music from the likes of Journey- BEFORE the Steve Perry years of Corporate Arena Rock radio.  “Of a Lifetime” is a great track from the first Journey album released in 1975.  There are some great tracks too- from the likes of Rush, Gentle Giant, and closing out the show with some newer style Prog from Pendragon.

Show #332

Hour 1
The Animals- We Gotta Get Out of Here
Lindisfarne- Lady Eleanor
Walter Carlos- Monteverdi 1610 Vespers
Genesis- It’s Gonna Get Better (Long Version)
Al Di Meola- Passion Fire Grace
Budgie- Love for You and Me
Yes- Going for the One
Jethro Tull- One Brown Mouse
Cherry Five- The Picture of Dorian Gray

Hour 2
Crack the Sky- Safety in Numbers
Brand X- Soho
Automat- Ultraviolet
Journey- Of a Lifetime
-The A Team-
Greenslade- Time to Dream
Gentle Giant- Playing the Game
Rush- Fly By Night
Pendragon- Shane

Show #332, Hour 1

Show #332, Hour 2

Original Airdate: 08/20/2016
WDTZ-LP, 98.1 FM
Cincinnati, Ohio

Show #328- 07/23/2016

Hello Radioland and the Online Universe!

Well it is Friday Night!  Here as I promised- I have another previous show for your listening enjoyment.  This show is Show #328 from July 23, 2016.  Some good stuff in this show- ranging from Italian Progressive Rock (PFM) to a surprise Vinyl tracking from Wings and some classic 1982 Live Genesis from the Three Sides Live set… to some smoking work from the likes of Billy Cobham, and solo work from Richard Wright of Pink Floyd.

I think you will enjoy this show.  I did note, there is a bit of an annoying “Digital Scratch” through this recording… which isn’t really noticeable unless you really listen for it… sometimes you don’t hear things like this until you listen back to them.  Another thing that is interesting to note as a part of live radio- listen for the record skip in Wings “Getting Closer”… skipping Vinyl is something you don’t have control over, but that is the nature of live radio!  One of my favorite parts in this show was the beginning of the Second Hour; with the lead off track of Billy Cobham’s Crosswinds (1974) and then going into Happy the Man’s Steaming Pipes (1977)…just smoking!

Overall- a light and fun show, in this one.  I hope you will enjoy!

Show #328

Hour 1
PFM- Out on the Roundabout
Wings- Reception/Getting Closer
Genesis- In the Cage/Cinema Show/Colony of Slippermen/Afterglow (Three Sides Live Version)
Camel- Chord Change
King Crimson- Cat Food
Daryl Stuermer- Breaking Point
Supertramp- Gone Hollywood

Hour 2
Billy Cobham- Crosswinds
Happy the Man- Steaming Pipes
Gentle Giant- Just the Same
Atomic Rooster- Breathless
Crack the Sky- Ice
Richard Wright- Summer Elegy
Queen- Tie your Mother Down
Steve Hackett- Emerald and Ash
Jan Hammer- Crockett’s Theme
Caravan- Ride

Show #328, Hour 1

Show #328, Hour 2

Original Airdate: 07/23/2016
Cincinnati, Ohio

Show #331- 08/13/2016

Hello Radioland and the Online Universe!

As promised- it is Wednesday, and if you have been following the new blog so far, today I promised that I would post the previous Saturday show!

Well- here it is, Show #331 from last weekend.  This program gives you an idea of how deep I have been able to dig into the halls of Progressive Rock.  In this show is an interesting mix of music- everything from the standard Prog Rock fare like Pink Floyd, Italian Prog from PFM, German Prog from Eloy, to a cover of a Beatles track done by Jeff Beck, and some lost Progressive Rock dating back to the late 1960s in the likes of the band, The Ghost; as well as some lesser known Progressive Rock from Australian Prog Band; Tully.

Here is the playlist for the show!

Show #331

Hour 1
Twelfth Night- Creepshow
Wishbone Ash- Vas Dis
Eloy- Illuminations
PFM- Peninsula
Curved Air- Midnight Wire
Vangelis- Chromatique
Tully- Follow Me
Phil Collins- In the Air Tonight (1988 Remix)


Hour 2
Pink Floyd- Another Brick in the Wall Part 1/The Happiest Days of our Lives/Another Brick in the Wall Part 2
Quintessence- Giants
Brian Eno- Burning Airlines Gives you so much more
Jeff Beck- She’s a Woman
-Popcorn Intermission-
The Ghost- For One Second
Styx- Mr. Roboto
-The Fall Guy Theme-
Peter Gabriel- Digging in the Dirt
Marillion- Kayleigh

Show 331, Hour 1

Show 331, Hour 2

Original Airdate: 08/13/2016
WDTZ-LP, 98.1 FM
Cincinnati, Ohio

Show #329- 07/30/2016

Hello Radioland!

Here is another show upload for your Friday Evening.  I may get into a groove of posting the previous week’s show  on Wednesdays and then another previous show on Fridays.  That way, everyone is Prog Rocking right up to the weekend as a new show airs.

So here is another show for the Previous Show Archives.  Show #329, the end of the month show for July 2016.

Some interesting notes behind this show:
You will note there is no THX/Sirius/Six Million Dollar Man intro.  This was a mistake on my part, as I was prepping for the show, and when it became showtime, I started the wrong CD Deck for the beginning of the show, hence why the program starts right in with Supertramp’s Bloody Well Right.  That’s the nature of live radio.  This show was also a Birthday Tribute to Geddy Lee of Rush, and a Passing Tribute to the loss of Roye Albrighton- who was a fundamental player in the band Nektar.

Here is the playlist:

Show #329
Hour 1
Supertramp- Bloody Well Right
Max Webster- Battlescar
Pink Floyd- High Hopes
*Rush- Dreamline
Van Der Graff Generator- Theme One
Traffic- Hidden Treasure
+Nektar- Desolation Valley/Waves
Barclay James Harvest- Poor Man’s Moody Blues
Show #329
Hour 2
Al Stewart- Time Passages
Genesis- Abacab
Alan Parsons Project- One More River
Ian Anderson- Skating away on the thin ice of the new day
Kansas- Carry on Wayward Son
David Gilmour- You know I’m right
Manfred Mann- The Road to Babylon
Goblin- Aquaman
*Birthday Tribute to Geddy Lee
+Tribute to Roye Albrighton

Show #329, Hour 1


Show #329, Hour 2

Show #329
Original Airdate: 07/30/2016
WDTZ-LP, 98.1 FM, Cincinnati, Ohio

Show #330- 08/06/2016

Hello Radioland and the Online Universe!

I know, I know… Life has been a constant.  But never fear!  I have decided that I am going to start posting the previous week show and work my way backwards, to the older shows.  Sound like a plan?  You can sound off in the comments section and let me know.  So here for your listening enjoyment is last week’s show from August 6, 2016.  I have some more shows edited and ready to post, but I thought maybe it would be best to post them at least one week apart.  There are plenty of shows to listen to!

So here is last week’s playlist, if you missed the show, and the audio to listen to as well…at your leisure.

Show #330
Hour 1
Atomic Rooster- Space Cowboy
Egg- Fugue in D Minor
If- Paint your Pictures
Ambrosia- Ready for Camarillo
Frank Zappa- Camarillo Brillo
Nova- Thru the Silence
City Boy- Deadly Delicious
Renaissance- Ashes are Burning
GTR- When the Heart Rules the Mind

Show 330, Hour 1

Show #330
Hour 2
Queen- Dragon Attack
Genesis- Squonk
Bozzio Levins Stephens- Spiral
Peter Baumann- The Glass Bridge
Jean Luc Ponty- No Absolute Time
-Hanker for a Hunk of Cheese-
Touch- We Feel Fine
Izz- Regret
The Ovals- Always
Wayne Shorter- Storm

Show 330, Hour 2

Original Airdate:  08/06/2016
WDTZ-LP, 98.1 FM
Cincinnati, Ohio


Previous Show Archives- Show #2 10/11/2008

Show #2.  This show was still with some butterflies in the stomach… and a bit shorter on the music, as it took place during our Pledge Drive, when I was with ClassX Radio.  I was not able to find this show on my hard drives, but I do have the playlist from this program as well.

Show #2 Playlist
*Kansas- Song For America
*King Crimson- Lark’s Tongue in Aspic
*Marillion- Script for a Jester’s Tear
*Traffic- Dear Mr. Fantasy
Queen- Spread Your Wings
Styx- Mother Dear
Vanilla Fudge- Keep Me Hanging On
Camel- Freefall
The Moody Blues- Tuesday Afternoon
The Strawbs- Benedictus
*Led Zeppelin- Carouselambra


Original Airdate: 10/11/2008

Previous Show Archives- Show #1 09/27/2008

Well, here it is… Show #1.  Although I have searched my hard drives and my files,  I only have the playlist from my first show.  When I started the program, I didn’t have a decent recorder to use to record my programs.  I eventually purchased a Tascam DR-1 to record all of my shows and that has been my standard piece of equipment to record all of my programs since October 2008.

Butterflies doing this first show.  This show was the first time I had been behind a mic in 11 years.

Here is the Playlist from Show #1.
I remembered doing a birthday tribute to Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music, as well as a song tribute to Richard Wright of Pink Floyd.

Show #1 Playlist
*Roxy Music- Sea Breezes
+Pink Floyd- Time
King Crimson- Red
Jethro Tull- Cross Eyed Mary
Uriah Heep- July Morning
Wishbone Ash- Queen of Torture
Rare Bird- Sympathy
Rush- YYZ
The Who- Eminence Front
Brand X- Smacks of Euphoric Hysteria
Yes- Roundabout
Max Webster- Look Out
Brian Eno- M386
Supertramp- Bloody Well Right
Traffic- Feelin’ Alright
Soft Machine- Kings and Queens
Al Di Meola- Flight over Rio
Family- Peace of Mind
ELP- Hoedown

*Birthday Tribute
+Tribute to the Passing of Richard Wright

Original Airdate: 09/27/2008

Previous Show Archives- History of the Show

Here in the Previous Show Archives section will be some general history on the show.  To break it down…. the show is now in it’s Third Generation of airing.  I will describe what I mean.  Overall, we have done 320+ shows (as of July 9, 2016).  The shows break down in the following format:

First Generation of the show- aired on WOBO, 88.7 FM Cincinnati
Aired from roughly March 1996 – Summer 1997
In this First Generation of the Show, the program was a full on radio program that was specific to the music of Genesis.

Second Generation of the show- aired on WMWX, 88.9 FM Cincinnati
Aired from September 2008 – April 2016
In this Second Generation of the Show, the Program changed over to full on radio program specific to all forms of Progressive Rock.

Third Generation of the show- aired on WDTZ, 98.1 FM Cincinnati
Aired from June 2016 – Present
In this Third Generation of the Show, the Program continues to air a full radio program specific to all forms of Progressive Rock.

With the previous shows- I will be adding these as time permits and I can get them uploaded in a timely fashion.  All of the shows that aired in 1996/1997 are still in tape format and will be digitized over the coming months; so I will keep you updated on the status of these as this project moves forward.

In Prog Rock,
-Bryan B.